In a few years we will each have a Second Brain. A brain that knows your preferences, has the internet’s information, as well as the foresight to automatically complete your routine tasks and the insight to proactively provide options and solutions when your input is required. The Second Brain isn’t biological – it is a new type of computing – proactive computing.

This idea of a Second Brain sounds a bit crazy but you probably have something a little bit like it today. Automatic bill-pay, spam email detection, the Roomba, car pedestrian detection and auto-braking are all services where a computer automatically makes a decision and you offload work. Overtime, you learn to trust its quality, and then you wouldn’t return to life without these valuable services. These are just the start as each example is an independent experience, working with individual signals and limited knowledge.

Imagine what your Second Brain can do when it has all of your signals and works just you for. Now imagine what you can do when you are free from the routine and are able to focus on your passions.

– Brian Vo

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