Building character AI through machine learning

bots_alive Gotcha Modern character AI could be better.I’m unaware of any NPCs or electronic toy characters that can sustain an illusion of life over more than an hour. They suffer from predictability, simplicity, and inauthentic verbal and nonverbal behavior. This post is about a new form of character AI. Much like motion capture for scripted animation, this new technique may revolutionize how interactive characters are created, through observation of authentic human-generated behavior. I’ll explain via a product on which we’re pioneering this technique. Bots_alive! A robot that plays and finds its way We launched bots_alive last week on Kickstarter (campaign here). Here’s a 1-minute teaser video with mostly scripted motion. The product is a smartphone kit that gives simple but lifelike autonomy to a popular RC toy, the Hexbug®…

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