Caffe-MPI version Released to Speedup Deep Learning

Sponsored Content by Inspur Recently, the historic battle of “Google AlphaGo vs Lee Se-dol” put Deep Learning under the spotlight. Caffe is a Deep Learning Framework, nowadays one of the fastest Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) architectures. The high-performance MPI cluster version of Caffe was released by Inspur. The company also gave out the open source code to provide Deep Learning users a more convenient and efficient means of application. The original Caffe framework within a computing node plus a GPU was developed by UC Berkeley for the purpose of CNN training. Traditionally, CNN methods are utilized to import specific data pool for layer-by-layer training. Using this method, the machine can acquire the specific ability that is necessary. However, the imported data generally have massive volume, which requires dozens of days…

Link to Full Article: Caffe-MPI version Released to Speedup Deep Learning

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