Can AI write a Hollywood film?

-By Rich HaridyOver recent years, we’ve seen artificial intelligence systems designed to write software , compose music, paint works of art, and even pen news articles, but the machines have been notably quiet in the medium of fiction storytelling. Designing an AI system that can write the screenplay for a movie, or compose a great novel, has posed a big challenge for researchers. So just how close are we to having machines pen our blockbuster films?Opening creditsIn June, a bizarre short film entitled Sunspring premiered. The film starred Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley) and chronicled the cryptic love triangle between three people inhabiting a strange futuristic office. Filled with incoherent non-sequiturs and inexplicably surreal tangents, the film could be considered either a compelling dream-like fugue or an amateurish mess.In actuality, this…

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