Can we just stop with all these tech dystopia stories?

Ever since Elon Musk highlighted the “existential threat” posed by AI, there’s been greater attention paid to the “scary” technologies of Silicon Valley. (Rebecca Cook/Reuters)Ever since Elon Musk started making his comments about the risks posed by artificial intelligence, we’ve been deluged with stories about the “existential threat” posed to humanity by AI run amok. It’s gotten to the point where artificial intelligence is viewed as the Doomsday Machine that will result in the downfall of humanity. And it’s not just AI – just about any new innovation is ripe for the tech dystopia treatment. Particle physicists gave us a scare for a while when they searched for the so-called “God Particle” – people thought we were going to blow up the earth. Robots and drones also make for compelling tech dystopia…

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