Center for Spatial Data Science Opens at UChicago

A new center at the University of Chicago will make connections in areas as diverse as health care, real estate and social networks by focusing on space. The Center for Spatial Data Science is concerned with geography, proximity and other location-based measures that hold great promise for unlocking discoveries from data across many fields. While methods based on time have long dominated statistical analysis, the opening of the center—and arrival of its director Luc Anselin, the Stein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor in Sociology—will expand the use of spatial data science in research across campus. Prof. Luc Anselin “It’s very much serendipity. When somebody comes to us with an interesting question or interesting data, we see what we can contribute, and sometimes that leads to new ways of thinking about theory and…

Link to Full Article: Center for Spatial Data Science Opens at UChicago

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