Check the latest Frontiers Ebooks in Neuroscience

Neural circuits underlying emotion and motivation: Insights from optogenetics and pharmacogenetics, hosted by Anton Ilango and Mary Kay Lobo 2015: Which new directions for Alzheimer’s disease?, hosted by Ludovic Martin The effect of hearing loss on neural processing, hosted by Jonathan E. Peelle and Arthur Wingfield The Cognitive Thalamus, hosted by Yuri B. Saalmann and Sabine Kastner The Claustrum: charting a way forward for the brain’s most mysterious nucleus, hosted by Ariel Y. Deutch and Brian N. Mathur Visual Mismatch Negativity (vMMN): a Prediction Error Signal in the Visual Modality, hosted by Gabor Stefanics, Piia Astikainen and István Czigler Advances in Modern Mental Chronometry, hosted by José M Medina, Willy Wong, José A Díaz and Hans Colonius Cerebral endothelial and glial cells are more than bricks in the Great Wall…

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