China wants a ‘Go’ at Google’s DeepMind

A group from China says it wants to build an AI to challenge the Google DeepMind AlphaGo system. According to a Reuters and Shanghai Securities News report, the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence and the Chinese Go Association plan to challenge AlphaGo to a computer-versus-computer Go match. The report did not give the name of China’s Go-playing AI or how far along development of the system is, but reported a challenge to AlphaGo would be made by the end of the year. The news was announced as Google CEO Sundar Pichal visited a Go school in China as part of a tour of the country. The AlphaGo program, based on Google’s DeepMind computer learning system, achieved fame earlier this month when it routed the world’s top Go player in a…

Link to Full Article: China wants a ‘Go’ at Google’s DeepMind

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