China wants to beat Google’s AlphaGo with own AI program

Chinese engineers want to challenge Google’s AlphaGo with their own artificial intelligence system that would be better at playing the ancient game than Google’s computer program. According to the Chinese state-owned Shanghai Security News agency, scientists from the China Computer Go team plan to issue a challenge to AlphaGo by the end of 2016. AlphaGo has gained fame by beating one of the world’s best players of the strategy board game earlier this month. South Korean professional Go player Lee Se-dol lost to AlphaGo 1 to 4, which marked the first instance when an artificial intelligence system won over a professional Go player. Previously, experts had estimated that artificial intelligence would keep lagging behind the best human players for at least another decade. The Chinese researchers announced the plan to…

Link to Full Article: China wants to beat Google’s AlphaGo with own AI program

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