China wants to challenge Google’s AlphaGo with its own AI

Google’s DeepMind AI firm recently created the world’s first expert-level Go-playing AI. The so-called AlphaGo AI proved itself by beating the highest ranked human Go player last month. The game Go was created in China some 2,500 years ago, so it seems only fitting that Chinese researchers have been working on their own Go-playing AI, and now they want to challenge AlphaGo. Machines don’t even need humans to play games anymore. We are disposable. Go is a deceptively simple game played with black and white game pieces on 19 x 19 game board. The goal is the completely enclose your opponent’s pieces to capture them. Whoever has the most captured pieces when the game is over wins. Machines have had trouble playing Go in the past because there are 361…

Link to Full Article: China wants to challenge Google’s AlphaGo with its own AI

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