Christine Comaford: Neuroscience-Based Leadership Coach

For over 30 years, Christine Comaford has been helping organizations build more engaged and profitable teams. Christine is the author of the bestselling book, Smart Tribes, and the leader of the Smart Tribes Institute. In my interview with Christine, we discuss her neuroscience-based approach to performance and her thoughts on leadership. Mike Goldman: You’re unique in that you’re very focused on using the science of neurology to strategize and employ tactics that will help companies improve the way they operate. What got you interested in this? Christine Comaford: At age 15 I looked around the world and saw that money didn’t make people happy. Achievement didn’t appear to either. So I began learning all I could about what makes people experience fulfillment, connection, their own version of success—and it all came down…

Link to Full Article: Christine Comaford: Neuroscience-Based Leadership Coach

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