Code Bros United by Netflix Run Two of World’s Best Quant Funds

Like so many relationships nowadays, this one was cemented through Netflix. It was October 2006 and Jaffray Woodriff was having trouble concentrating on his quantitative hedge-fund business. The programmer kept finding himself obsessing instead over a million-dollar contest that Netflix Inc. was running. It was part of the movie service’s push to improve its viewer-preference algorithm. The money would go to the person who wrote code that gave it the biggest lift. Lots of quants were caught up in it. Figuring out how one movie choice influences the next is a classic machine-learning puzzle and the Netflix Prize became a cause celebre for math elites, who furiously tracked each other’s progress on a blog that showed who was winning. After pulling eight all-nighters to get to fourth place, Woodriff noticed…

Link to Full Article: Code Bros United by Netflix Run Two of World’s Best Quant Funds

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