COLUMN: Chat bots are the wave of the future

Talking to Siri is like talking to your hard-of-hearing 92-year-old grandmother. You have to repeat yourself three times for her to understand the question, and even then, something is often lost in translation. If you don’t know who Siri is, you may already be a 92-year-old grandmother, or one of those people who proudly brags they want nothing to do with computers or the internet. In another generation, you would still be saddling a horse. It’s hard to believe, but that even-keeled, unemotional robo-voice invented by Apple to answer all your questions is just 5 years old. It seems like she has been directing me to wrong locations far longer. That’s a cheap shot at Siri’s expense. The reality is, Siri’s directions are mostly flawless, except when someone tries to…

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