Combine Forces with Cognitive Computing, Win Your Fantasy Football League

Combine Forces with Cognitive Computing, Win Your Fantasy Football League

Edge Up Sports begs the question: is it fair to use AI for your fantasy football picks?

A partnership between IBM and Edge Up Sports brings a new performance enhancement technology to fantasy football. The project is an artificial intelligence developed to assist players in picking their teams for the upcoming season.

For those unfamiliar with the game, fantasy football consists of choosing a football team composed of real players from different teams. Over the course of the regular football season, players use the real-life performance statistics of their chosen players to determine the performance of their fantasy team. It has been called “Dungeons and Dragons for jocks” and was a $70 billion market last year.

In analyzing player performance, IBM Watson pulls from standard sources including game-by-game statistics and lifetime achievement, but also from sources regular fantasy footballers might not consider like player activity and writeups in sports websites. It calculates all of these points to make recommendations based on the team members already selected.

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This partnership with Edge Up Sports is not Watson’s first appearance in entertainment. IBM first unveiled it on a special series of Jeopardy in 2011, where it competed against champion players and won. Watson has since seen employment analyzing data for the health care, banking, retail and education industries before being given access to Edge Up Sports’ proprietary data archive.

The system has yet to see public release, but the idea of it is already controversial. For every player who considers it just another resource all participants can access, there’s another who considers it a violation of the core concept of the game. A third camp notes that if the same application is giving the same advice, there will be far less variation between individual teams. Where “official” decisions in the hobby will land is still anybody’s guess.

Edge Up has created a Kickstarter to continue development of this application, and are likely to meet their funding goal with delivery promised in time for the opening of football season this coming September.

Edge Up Sports

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Source: Combine Forces with Cognitive Computing, Win Your Fantasy Football League

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