Computer shows human-like learning for writing characters

Computers are stupid compared to humans at learning and applying new concepts. But scientists say they have developed a method to teach computers to learn in a more human-like way. That could lead to computers that are much better at speech recognition — especially recognizing uncommon words — or classifying objects and behaviour for businesses or the military. The U.S. and Canadian researchers have developed a computer program that teaches a computer to learn to recognize handwritten characters such as letters of the alphabet after seeing just one example of each. ‘It has always been very difficult to build machines that required as little data as humans.’  – Ruslan Salakhutdinov, University of Toronto That’s something humans, even children, can easily do. But computers “typically require hundreds or thousands of training examples,” said Ruslan Salakhutdinov, assistant professor…

Link to Full Article: Computer shows human-like learning for writing characters

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