Computers turning their intelligence to real-life human issues

This underscored the computer’s capability to further outsmart humans in complex tasks such as the complicated board game.Previously, IBM’s Deep Blue computer defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov.Since the 1900s, when computers emerged in the form of tabulation; and the 1950s when computers were software-driven and static; to today’s era of machine-learning algorithms, AI is becoming more and more crucial to human life, especially in a context of human-machine collaboration.In fact, AI, which includes cognitive computing, is already at work in healthcare and other fields in Thailand. Bangkok’s Bumrungrad Hospital is a good example. It has been using IBM Watson for Oncology to treat cancer patients over the past year. How does the system work?According to IBM scientists Gerald Tesauro and Murray Campbell, cognitive computing works in tandem with human…

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