ConceptNet AI machine is as intelligent as a 4-year-old!

Artificial Intelligence is set to play a very important role in our lives. It’s a set of tools that are driving forward key parts of the futurist agendas. But have you ever thought of how ‘intelligent’ is current Artificial Intelligence in comparison to what humans are bestowed with?Whether you agree or disagree, AI quietly exists everywhere like powering Google’s search engine, Amazon’s recommendations and Facebook’s facial recognition. And with the key application of AI, we could see that different machines that handling data, play difficult games or even recognize pattern in a much better way.At University of Illinois, a team of researchers decided compare the ‘intelligence quotient’ or IQ of one of the world’s most powerful AI machines with human intelligence. They, then, discovered that maximum IQ score one of…

Link to Full Article: ConceptNet AI machine is as intelligent as a 4-year-old!

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