Connections severed with dangerous artificial intelligence

I’ve seen the future (well, the present) and it is both broadband and tunnel vision. It’s abundantly clear we’re living in the connected world, but at the same time, connected to what? Foot traffic at Toronto Pearson International is a stop-and-go thing, controlled by traffic signals you can’t even see. Other passengers shift, slow, jink and stop for reasons you’re not privy to, eyes distant, attention locked into cellphones and tablets, communing with the unseen network. Nothing brings that home more clearly to me than a restaurant in that peculiar borderland limbo where you’ve gone through U.S. Customs and are already essentially in the United States, even though this island is still the Toronto airport. Change your mind there and go back, and you have to pass through Canadian customs.…

Link to Full Article: Connections severed with dangerous artificial intelligence

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