Context, Language, and Reasoning in AI: Three Key Challenges

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly emerging out of R&D labs and into the mainstream. Smart technologies are changing every aspect of our lives, from the way we work, to health care, education, travel, and transportation. One example: the self-driving cars produced by Google and Tesla. There are also many successful applications in the computer vision space. But what about the non-vision applications of AI: that is, areas including non-spatial data—most importantly, text and numbers? The IBM Watson technology platform has famously beaten human chess grandmasters and a “Jeopardy” champion and is featured with celebrities in TV ads heralding the arrival of a smarter planet. Google’s AlphaGo recently beat a Korean grandmaster in an even more complex challenge, the ancient game of Go. Does all that mean AI is finally…

Link to Full Article: Context, Language, and Reasoning in AI: Three Key Challenges

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