Coty Beasley consoles dystopic critics of artificial intelligence

Editor’s note: The opinions expressed in this commentary are the author’s alone. Artificial intelligence has a lot of misconceptions. The first images that come to mind are the dystopian classics: Hal locking Dave out of the airlock, terminators shooting machine guns into a crowd, or (one of my favorites) V’ger taking pot-shots at the Federation. The premise is nearly always the same — humanity gets ballsy and invents a superintelligence, which decides humans are petty and illogical, then subsequently tries to wipe us out with whatever means available. But there’s the good ones too, right? Iron Man wouldn’t feel the same without the witty byplay between Tony Stark and Jarvis. And we learned how to feel more human because of Samantha in Jonze’s Her. In reality, artificial intelligence carries the…

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