Could an ancient Asian remedy fight memory loss?

Losing memory is definitely scary and as the world’s population ages, the burden of neurodegenerative disorders is becoming a critical global issue.  Intense research is performed to deeply understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying learning and memory functions. In fact, revealing novel molecular targets that might enable the fight against  memory loss may pave the way to improve the quality of life of thousands and thousands of people suffering from neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. In a recent PLOS ONE article, Lee and colleagues evaluated the anti-amnesic neuropharmacological properties of Gongjin-Dan (GJD), an asian remedy whose components were already described in the ancient korean book Dongui Bogam. Gongjin-Dan is composed of three medicinal herbs (Corni fructus, Korea angelica, and Ginseng radix) and two animal-derived materials (Muschus…

Link to Full Article: Could an ancient Asian remedy fight memory loss?

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