Could neuroscience explain what Trump voters are thinking?

As Donald Trump emerges as the Republican candidate for president, the 2016 election has more people than ever wondering what American voters are thinking and why. Enter the field of political neuroscience, which uses neuroimaging to bring research in biology, psychology, and political science together to see how the way our brains work affects our political behavior. We askedIngrid Haas, director of the University of Nebraska’s Political Attitudes and Cognition lab, what insights research in this growing field might give us about the 2016 election and the baffling rise of Donald Trump. ResearchGate: Does neuroimaging show that conservative and liberal voters’ brains work differently?Ingrid Haas: Yes. There are only a handful of political neuroscience studies using MRI that have examined differences between liberals and conservatives, but the existing work does suggest…

Link to Full Article: Could neuroscience explain what Trump voters are thinking?

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