Could We All Have Cyber Doppelgängers in the Future?

In the not too distant future — perhaps sooner we’d expect — humans could have digital doppelgängers who look like us, act like us and potentially, even have the same legal rights as us. It may sound like science fiction, but it’s the vision Martine Rothblatt has of a world powered by big data. Admittedly, Rothblatt’s ideas are a bit out there. She’s a transhumanist, a futurist who believes technology can free humans from their limitations. Rothblatt pointed to the fact that increasingly today the contents of our minds — thoughts shared on social media platforms, video surveillance and purchases made on e-commerce sites — are being poured into big data repositories. In the near future, all that data can be used to create cyber carbon copies of humans that can…

Link to Full Article: Could We All Have Cyber Doppelgängers in the Future?

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