CyberLaunch shows Atlanta’s strengths in machine learning

CyberLaunch opened its doors to its first cohort in October 2015 (screenshot) The accelerator hopes to pave the way for cybersecurity and machine learning startups to scale &nbspGedalyah Reback21 mins ago For all the trendy talk about machine learning, little attention has been given to the vertical’s lack of business prowess. At the same time, it’s becoming an indispensable component of technologies in various sectors, including cybersecurity. That’s the conclusion the boys at Atlanta’s new cybersecurity and machine learning (ML) startup accelerator CyberLaunch reached. “We are transitioning into funding more software-focused neuroscience companies, specifically companies that use machine learning in the context of neuromodulation, mental health, and therapeutic/drug R&D. The accelerator experience will really depend on the specific startups we fund and grow,” CyberLaunch co-founder and partner Kyle Grossman told Geektime.…

Link to Full Article: CyberLaunch shows Atlanta’s strengths in machine learning

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