Cybersecurity: Is AI Ready for Primetime In Cyber Defense?

Is AI ready for primetime? Not according to Admiral Michael S. Rogers, Commander U.S. CYBER COMMAND. In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, he stated that machine learning showed great promise for cybersecurity, but that the necessary technology was probably five years out. If machine learning is currently so successful in other areas of society, why isn’t it ready for cybersecurity? Or is it? A Brief History of Machine Learning Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, a field of computer science that started in 1958 when Marvin Minsky founded the Artificial Intelligence lab. Everyone, including DARPA, was pouring money into it. Their goal was to build a fully artificial intelligence capable of passing the Turing test in fifteen years. However, their plans were overly ambitious, for two reasons.…

Link to Full Article: Cybersecurity: Is AI Ready for Primetime In Cyber Defense?

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