DARPA wants to build very low frequency wireless systems

Wireless transmitters that operate at very or ultra low frequencies (0.3‐30 kHz) typically require some big antenna complexes to handle their communications. Scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) said they are interested looking to eliminate that issue and develop smaller physical structures that could handle new long-distance communication applications. + DARPA wants huge Holy Grail of mobile ad hoc networks DARPA in search of a 100 Gb/sec wireless technology that can penetrate clutter+ In a Request for Information, DARPA wrote: “At these frequencies, free‐space electromagnetic (EM) field wavelengths are measured in tens of kilometers, resulting in very large transmitter structures when employing conventional antenna approaches. Electrically‐small antennas are defined as having dimensions much smaller than the EM wavelength, with examples in the literature of antenna‐sizes as small…

Link to Full Article: DARPA wants to build very low frequency wireless systems

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