DARPA’s New ‘Neural’ Microchip Could Let Drones Think Like a Human

Modern warfare requires more than simple brute strength. The Information Age has revealed new ways to communicate and access information, and these new rules have also affected the way wars are fought and won. Imagery gathered by satellites and drones must make its way to units on the ground for data analyzation. While a drone can take a photograph, it cannot tell you what it’s looking at, or what to do about it, if anything. A human brain is necessary to spot a terrorist stronghold, or to recognize that a missile launcher in one photo has been moved, when compared with an older photo. “Full exploitation of this information is a major challenge,” officials with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wrote in a 2009 brief on “deep learning.” “Human observation and analysis of [intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance] assets is essential, but the training of humans…

Link to Full Article: DARPA’s New ‘Neural’ Microchip Could Let Drones Think Like a Human

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