Data science compiles list of ‘most metal’ words, and it’s a beast

Are you a fan of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath who wants to show your metal mettle? Don’t use the words “particularly,” fiscal” or “chairman” too much, but be sure to toss around “burn,” “veins” and “beasts” more. The data scientist behind the blog Degenerate State analyzed lyrics to 222,623 songs from 7,364 metal bands spread over 22,314 albums. He then compiled lists of the top 20 “most metal” English words, and the 20 words least likely to pop up in a Judas Priest catalog.Enlarge Image<div id=”f73abc52-f0ff-11e2-8c7c-d4ae52e62bcc” class=”enlargeImage” data-component=”globalModal” data-global-modal-options=”{“content”:””,”modalTemplate”:”{{content}}”,”setContentOnInit”:false}”/> GameSpot “Metal lyrics seem focused on ‘time’ and ‘life,’ with a healthy dose of ‘blood,’ ‘pain’ and ‘eyes’ thrown in,” the data scientist, who simply goes by the name Iain, explains in a post. “Even without knowing much about the…

Link to Full Article: Data science compiles list of ‘most metal’ words, and it’s a beast

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