Data Science Methodology+Classification (Toronto)

Data Science Methodology + Classification What does a data scientist do when given a business problem? What are the steps in converting a business problem into a ​*data problem*​, and then solving it? Come and learn about data science methodology – the mental flowchart of data scientists – from start to end. We will start from a high, theoretical level, then jump into interactive sessions where we play the role of a data scientist. Use-case: Food! “ Can we predict the cuisine of any recipe based on its ingredients?””If a food dish contains chicken and cumin, what cuisine is it most likely to be?” – please ask attendees to bring laptop + register for DSWB and make sure they try logging in before the meetup Audience: Beginners in Data Science Time: 6:00PM Location:…

Link to Full Article: Data Science Methodology+Classification (Toronto)

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