Decoding the human brain

Anand Raghunathan (L) and Mriganka Sur (R) during an interaction at IIT Madras | Sunish P Surendran CHENNAI: Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence  programme developed using deep neural networks and machine learning techniques, hit global headlines last year when it beat South Korean Go grandmaster Lee Sedol to win the series 4-1. However, not many know that AlphaGo has consumed a whopping 30,000 watts of power to complete the task, while the human brain consumes around 20 watts! What gives the human brain such efficiency has so far proven elusive to replicate in computers. Not surprisingly, man’s most defining organ is also the least understood. Although an adult human brain weighing 1.4 kg is made up of close to 100 billion neurons, scientists do not know how many different kinds…

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