Deep learning algorithm’s learn how to frighten us

Image: Nightmare Machine Just in time for Halloween, researchers at Data61 and MIT Media lab have created a deep learning algorithm to generate disturbing imagery. There are two parts to the Nightmare Machine project – Haunted Places and Haunted Faces – which are each terrifying and impressive in equal measure. For Haunted Places the team used algorithms to learn what it called a ‘nightmarifying’ process, learning a variety of spooky artistic styles that can then be applied to idyllic imagery. “We use deep learning algorithms to learn first how haunted houses, then ghost towns, and more recently toxic cities look,” explains principal research scientist at Data61, Manuel Cebrian. “Then, we apply the learned style to famous landmarks. It’s surprising how well the algorithm can extract the element from the “scary”…

Link to Full Article: Deep learning algorithm’s learn how to frighten us

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