Deep Learning is not Enough

Previous post            Tweet Tags: AI, Deep Learning, Hype, Poll Deep Learning has real successes, but is not enough to reach artificial intelligence, according to latest KDnuggets Poll. For more complex problems, should pure neural-net approaches be combined with symbolic, knowledge-based methods? comments Deep Learning had amazing successes recently, reaching or exceeding human-level performance in image recognition (reported used to scan every image uploaded to Facebook for face and object recognition), automatic caption generation, (for example this work by Andrej Karpathy and Li Fei-Fei – image below) speech recognition (Google Now, Siri, Baidu), games (exceeding human-level in many Atari games and defeating a European Go champion), and many other areas. Fig 1. Image, automatically annotated by Deep Learning.   Deep Learning is probably the hottest technology now, and…

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