Deep Learning Robot Takes 10 Days to Teach Itself to Grasp

One of the goals of general purpose robots is to interact in an intelligent way with everyday objects. But robotic grasping skills are embarrassingly poor. Ask a robot to pick up a TV remote or a bottle of water or a toy gun and it will endlessly fumble with it—unless specifically programmed to pick up that object in a specially controlled environment. That’s in stark contrast to human grasping capabilities. A human baby quickly learns to grasp such objects, even in the most cluttered and unstructured environments.   And therein lies an important clue. Could robots learnt to grasp like babies, by repeated trial and error? Today, Lerrel Pinto and Abhinav Gupta at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh show how this is possible. These guys have equipped a robot called…

Link to Full Article: Deep Learning Robot Takes 10 Days to Teach Itself to Grasp

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