DeepMind partners with the NHS for eye-scan project

A partnership between Google’s DeepMind and Moorfields Eye Hospital looks toward machine learning for early detection of vision-threatening conditions. Google-owned machine learning specialist DeepMind, responsible for the company’s recent wins in the Go-bot arena, has announced a partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital in London to analyse a cache of NHS eye scan data.Best known for the AlphaGo artificial intelligence which has proven victorious in matches against human experts, DeepMind’s machine learning technology is now being focused upon eye test data with the hope that it could lead to earlier spotting of serious conditions including age-related macular degeneration and other issues that afflict two million people in the UK alone.’Our research with DeepMind has the potential to revolutionise the way professionals carry out eye tests and could lead to earlier detection…

Link to Full Article: DeepMind partners with the NHS for eye-scan project

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