Dell BIOS verification extends security focus

Intel and PC makers offer a number of ways to protect the computer BIOS, but all of these protections reside within the computer itself. Now Dell is offering a way to protect the BIOS from attacks by verifying it without relying on the integrity of the PC.  Dell’s BIOS verification method involves comparing the BIOS image against the official hash generated and stored on Dell’s servers. By conducting the test in Dell’s cloud, and not in the device itself, Dell promises greater assurance that the postboot image is not compromised.  [ Roger Grimes’ free and almost foolproof way to check for malware. | Discover how to secure your systems with InfoWorld’s Security newsletter. ]The BIOS verification technology “gives IT the assurance that employees’ systems are secure every time they use…

Link to Full Article: Dell BIOS verification extends security focus

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