Despite Dire Warnings, Scientists Build Robot as Smart as a Child

From the start, robots were outplaying humans in algebra. Recently they’ve begun to lead in chess and other games. They are good with face recognition, too. But what about comparing them to humans in more general terms? Psychometrics were designed by psychologists as a means to measure how intellectually developed a person is. Probably the most widely known psychometrics is the IQ test. A team of researchers with the University of Illinois at Chicago, led by Professor Stellan Ohlsson, tried the method on one of the most advanced computer systems. The results they came up with are just astonishing. It appears that modern AI systems have reached the level of an average 4-year-old kid. The verbal part of the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI-III) was tested on the ConceptNet 4 AI system. The results were recently published at “We chose the WPPSI-III because we expected some of its subtests to highlight…

Link to Full Article: Despite Dire Warnings, Scientists Build Robot as Smart as a Child

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