Does AlphaGo Mean Artificial Intelligence Is the Real Deal?

Google acquired DeepMind in 2014 in efforts to beef up its portfolio in artificial intelligence and robotics. Lee Sedol made very “aggressive” moves, but it wasn’t enough to beat AlphaGo. Lee was surprised both by how strong AlphaGo’s opening was, and by some unexpected moves. “Go really is our Mount Everest”, said Hassabis, adding that the public response to the clash with Lee had been “far bigger than we expected”. “I think a machine still can’t beat human creativity”. The games are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. His concerns turned into reality. “At the beginning of the match, I never imagined I could lose”, Mr Fan told AFP ahead of the showdown in Seoul. The machine eventually settled for the “flower point” or 4-4 point in the…

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