Don’t Be Alarmed: AI Won’t Leave Half the World Unemployed

84 1 <a class=”wpfp-link” href=”″ title=”” rel=”nofollow”/> Recent alarmist headlines this week claim artificial intelligence (AI) will put half of us out of work. These headlines—and there were several—stem from comments by Rice University’s computer scientist Moshe Vardi who at the weekend asked what society would do when, within 30 years, machines become capable of doing almost any job a human can. As ever, reality is likely to be far more nuanced than sensational headlines. The most detailed study in this area came out in September 2013 from the Oxford Martin School. This report predicted that 47% of jobs in the US were under threat of automation. Similar studies have since been performed for other countries, reaching broadly similar conclusions. Now, there’s a lot I would disagree with in the…

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