Don’t call Google’s DeepMind computer ‘artificial intelligence’

To the editor: I was dismayed by the article on Google DeepMind’s computer. It was further evidence of how the media’s naivete regarding the term “artificial intelligence,” or AI, has totally corrupted its meaning. (“AlphaGo beats human Go champ in milestone for artificial intelligence,” March 12)DeepMind, as well as IBM’s legendary Jeopardy super-champion Watson and numerous other cited AI systems all have the intelligence of a rock. The intelligence of these systems lies in the human intelligence of the programmers that created the systems, not in the systems themselves. The generally accepted test for true AI is the Lovelace test, which was created, in partnership, by David Ferrucci, who not incidentally was the head of IBM’s Watson development team. A layman’s interpretation of the test is that in order to…

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