Dont Pass Go: AI Will Beat You at Pretty Much Everything

OVERLORDS 02.24.16 5:01 AM ET If robots invite you to game night, prepare to lose. Earlier this month, in a paper published in Nature, Google DeepMind researchers revealed that they’ve attained the holy grail of artificial intelligence game-playing: besting the European champion in the ancient Chinese game of Go. Go is deceptively simple: players put down black and white stones on points on a 19 x 19 gridded game board (that’s 361 squares; smaller game boards are available for shorter games). The objective is to control real estate on the board without getting surrounded and captured by the other player’s stones. The game gets more complicated when players link stones, which makes them harder but more enticing to capture. For AI, the sheer number of possibilities (2.082 x 10170, according…

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