Drivers? We Don’t Need No Stinking Drivers

Imagine an antique battery-powered electric motor from yesteryear that augments, complements, and enhances the underlying Nixie tube chronograph. Ever since I penned my previous column on this topic (see Creating a Steampunk Nixie Tube Clock), my mind has been churning with ideas, some of which will make you squeal with delight, but I don’t want to make you overexcited so we’ll save those for another day. I’ve already been in touch with Pete Virica at PV Electronics and ordered his Spectrum Kit, which is fine-tuned to drive the uber-large Z568M, Z5680M, and R|Z568M Nixie tubes. I’ve also been chatting with Andy and Mandy at Engraving Studios with regard to creating my brass plates. Plus, I’ve been on the phone with Dalibor Farny in the Czech Republic with regard to purchasing…

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