Easy Questions Computers Are Terrible at Answering

The way artificial intelligence is progressing, you might think a robot takeover of the human race is right around the corner. Artificial brains can now drive cars, do legal research, recognize faces and beat the best human players at games like Go. Prominent technologists keep warning AI poses a fundamental threat to humanity. The good news for us humans is that computers still have less common sense than a toddler. Just look at computer programs that are supposed to understand and process human language. These bots, like Siri, Alexa and others, frequently trip over sentences a 3-year-old would have no trouble with. “I sneezed the other day and Alexa thought I was saying her name,” said my colleague Mike Murphy. The 3-year-old would have said “bless you.” Thus, the Winograd Schema Challenge was developed. It’s a way to test…

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