EU Parliament Meets Hollywood: Robots and the ‘Survival of the Species’

Luxembourg MEP, Mady Delvaux, has produced a draft report with the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs which could lead to robots being given specific rights as “electronic persons.” While some elements of the report sound a little like the plot of a Hollywood movie, it does contain some reasonable proposals which could become very important as artificial intelligence advances. It’s not every day that a European Parliament motion references Frankenstein, Pygmalion and Golem, but this motion does exactly that — pointing to the preoccupation of those working within the field of robotics to produce “humanoid” beings. As Delvaux’s report highlights, we may now be on the verge of a new revolution. The report details the importance of considering a robotic humanoid’s actions in a legal sense, specifically where artificial intelligence reaches a level where a machine can be “held — partly or entirely — responsible for its acts or omissions.” This…

Link to Full Article: EU Parliament Meets Hollywood: Robots and the ‘Survival of the Species’

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