Expert: brain map able to predict intelligence could be ‘abused’

A ‘connectome’ maps the connections between different regions of the brain, and is unique to individuals Emily Finn Neuroscientists have developed a map of the human brain that they claim could be able to predict cognitive traits — including intelligence and addiction. But experts have warned that such data could be “abused” if it proves to be as reliable as it appears. The study, published in Nature Neuroscience, used data from an MRI (fMRI) to record brain activity. This data was then transferred onto maps which indicated which regions of the brain became active during a particular task. The maps are stable enough that researchers were able to pick each person’s pattern from a set of 126, using data gathered on different days — both when subjects were at rest,…

Link to Full Article: Expert: brain map able to predict intelligence could be ‘abused’

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