Facebook Launches M

Facebook Launches MIn a bold move today, Facebook launched its virtual assistant, M, which will be deemed to be a tough contender for Siri and Cortana.

Today, many Facebook users will open their eyes and their messenger applications to a newer version of the Facebook Messenger which will now host a virtual assistant known as M.

Designed on the pattern of other virtual assistants but to be better, M will perform tasks that are usually expected of a virtual assistant such as make dinner reservations, suggest and book weekend getaways and suggest a gift for your spouse’s birthday, etc.

However, if you’re thinking that M is *just* another virtual assistant, David Marcus, VP of Facebook would like to stop right there. M, Marcus said, isn’t just another virtual assistant because it is designed to be better. M is not just powered by artificial intelligence, you see, but in fact it is designed and run by actual people.

Right now, there are two types of virtual assistants in the market: one set that performs a limited set of tasks because it is run by artificial intelligence as well as one set that responds to text-based requests by humans who strive to answer every request that they receive.

M can be regarded as a hybrid to both types of technologies where the machine will rely on both artificial intelligence as well as humans who will work to ensure that any request that is made through the system gets answered and fulfilled.

Source: Facebook Launches M

Via: Google Alerts for AI

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