Facebook Virtual Assistant Named M Launching Soon

The new feature will be added to Facebook Messenger as an update for the Android and iOS app. The digital assistant will use its knowledge about your behavior and try to make your messaging experience smoother everyday.

The virtual assistant was dubbed “M”. Its job is to complete certain tasks while seeking out and collecting data at the direction of the user. The service was implemented for users Wednesday afternoon and it promises a way to access the company’s limitless database for practical information.

Facebook’s stalky new service M will help you find places where you can eat, reminds me of someone’s birthday and recommend you gift ideas based on their preferences. This reaches a new level of personality that its virtual assistant rivals from Microsoft (Cortana), Apple (Siri) and Google (Google Now) haven’t managed to enact yet. Facebook has made the decision to enter the game, and so far the beta testers were delighted with the new service.

In the first example Facebook has shown, M recommended a pair of shoes as a gift. But the company didn’t give any indication if M could help you through the payment process. Unlike its competitors, M will not only answer your questions and give you guidance, but it will actually be capable of completing entire tasks all by itself. The artificial intelligence implemented in M allows the assistant to deliver gifts, book restaurants, purchase items and schedule appointments on your behalf.

However, Facebook virtual assistant M will not intrude into your more delicate matters without your permission, such as money transfers and getting your location coordinates. M is also supplemented with countless entertainment functions, one of them is turning your texts into songs.

Facebook promises that M’s artificial intelligence will be leagues beyond of other assistants, which depend entirely on rigid algorithms for answering and fulfilling your demands.

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Source: Facebook Virtual Assistant Named M Launching Soon

Via: Google Alerts for AI

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