Farm Robot Learns What Weeds Look Like, Smashes Them

While the world’s first fully-robotic farm will operate indoors, traditional outdoor farms aren’t immune to the coming robotic revolution. Bonirob, developed by Bosch’s Deepfield Robotics, is billed to eliminate some of the most tedious tasks in modern farming, plant breeding, and weeding. The autonomous robot is built to be a mobile plant lab, able to decide which strains of plant are most apt to survive insects and viruses and how much fertilizer they would need, and then smash any weeds with a ramming rod. How does it know? Bonirob employs a type of machine learning (a stab at artificial intelligence) called decision tree learning. Researchers show Bonirob lots of pictures of healthy leaves that are tagged to be good, and pictures of weeds that are tagged to be bad, and…

Link to Full Article: Farm Robot Learns What Weeds Look Like, Smashes Them

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