README.md This repository contains code and weights files for the following Keras models: VGG16 VGG19 ResNet50 We plan on adding Inception v3 soon. All architectures are compatible with both TensorFlow and Theano, and upon instantiation the models will be built according to the image dimension ordering set in your Keras configuration file at ~/.keras/keras.json. For instance, if you have set image_dim_ordering=tf, then any model loaded from this repository will get built according to the TensorFlow dimension ordering convention, “Width-Height-Depth”. Weights can be automatically loaded upon instantiation (weights=’imagenet’ argument in model constructor). Weights are automatically downloaded if necessary, and cached locally in ~/.keras/models/. Note that using these models requires the latest version of Keras (from the Github repo, not PyPI). Examples Classify images from resnet50 import ResNet50 from keras.preprocessing import image…

Link to Full Article: fchollet/deep-learning-models

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