Fetch an app to find your canine side

The funny app Fetch, the latest from Microsoft finds your canine look-alike It’s cool and all the more fun finding your perfect canine look-alike an app away. Microsoft’s latest machine learning technique application Fetch can make you have some serious laugh over and over. Nevertheless, the app also examines which breed your tailed companions belong to, in the same way it works wonders with peeps. If the right match is not found, it draws a close resemble and comes up with the percentage of commonality between the two. On its official website, the software giant calls this new discovery an inspiration from ‘Man’s Best Friend.’ Fetch comes next in the series of HowOld.net, TwinsOrNot.net, MyMoustache.net and Mimicker Alarm, from the same house. The first in the row, HowOld.net was too…

Link to Full Article: Fetch an app to find your canine side

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