Finding Neuro, the new major at UM

Your grandma’s sweet apple pie, the smell of pine during Christmas or coffee in the morning — all smells humans live by. Granted, our noses can pick up on some nasty stuff as well, but it is pretty amazing the number of smells our brains can process and differentiate between. We have our olfactory neurons to thank for that. These neurons are located in the back of the nasal cavity, in an area called the olfactory epithelium. These broadly-tuned receptors react differently to each smell. With their cumulative responses, our brains register different smells. The 35 students in professor Michael Kavanaugh’s class, Molecules to Mind: Fundamentals of Neuroscience, will see olfactory receptors on their second test of the semester. They spent Tuesday’s class preparing. Molecules to Mind is a prerequisite…

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